The development is closed, no support for Mirage

The engine Mirage 1.0:

Mirage 1.0 was developed with max and the SoftVNS library. It is a standalone application which functions under OSX. The interface engine is composed of three sections:

  • sources: a combination of 8 choices among: a camera, a movie, a still, an external patch, a buffer (e.g. 8 cameras, or 5 movies/2 buffers/1 patch external, etc.)
  • one applies to the sources of the effects. The channels of effects can receive external modules in Jitter, Nato, Soft VNS, or Max. Thus, a programmer can integrate in Mirage his patchs personalized effects.
  • compositing the image starting from materials selected (sources) and treated (channels) in the environment of the layers

Introduction summary

Mise en place d'une régie numérique

  • Explications et opérations pas à pas sur la mise en place d'une régie intéractive multimédia, en prenant exemple sur les outils développés autour de Mirage et de la régie mise en place à la Filature lors d'escale #8.